Thursday 30 August 2012

Milk gone 'off'?

OK, so 'off' milk is never a good start to a day...

But (providing it is only slightly 'off' & therefore past the point of pleasant drinking, NOT milk that is actually physically trying to escape from the bottle) you could:
  • use it to make scones
  • make pancakes
  • make yoghurt
  • make a cake (I loved the sound of this coffee cake)
  • use it in bread making
  • use it in a recipe that has milk as an ingredient and will be cooked
  • soak bone handled knives/cutlery in it to strengthen & maintain whiteness
  • top it up with water & give your plants a calcium boost
  • add it to your bathwater
  • use it as a facial cleanser
  • make clothes from it  (yes, I was bemused too!)
When I was a child, I remember making delicious cottage cheese from milk. I looked it up online and was a bit baffled by the difference between 'off' milk and 'sour' milk. My understanding is that pastuerised milk goes 'off' and can be used for all of the above. Unpasteurised milk goes sour and can indeed be used in cheese making. (Please correct me if I'm wrong!)

To make pastuersied milk 'sour' you need to add a tsp of acid (lemon juice/vinegar) to about a litre of fresh milk & leave it for about 10 mins. Then you can make cottage cheese...I feel another project coming on! Alternatively you can use yoghurt as a cheap replacement for soured milk in recipes.

What other uses do you have for 'off' milk?   

I'm talking slightly 'off' milk that wouldn't taste normal on your cornflakes, not curdled milk which should not be consumed raw.


Marigold Jam said...

Difficult if not impossible to buy unpasteurised milk these days I think. We get non homogenised milk but even from the farm shop where it is produced it is still pasteurised. I have a recipe for cottage cheese from an old Woman's Weekly magazine in my file - must get it out and try it sometime. Your list of other uses is brilliant!

Magic Bean said...

Hello Thrifty. I have been trying to follow you but can't seem to do it.
Love the off milk post. Now I need bone handled cutlery on the off- chance our milk turns... Except it never stays in the fridge long enough to go bad.
Back soon, Ax

Marigold Jam said...

I have just received an e-mail from Lakeland which is all about making cheese (and buying the stuff from them of course!) if you let me have your e-mail address I will forward it to you as it contains a few tips.

Angela said...

I make ricotta cheese [see]
- and then use the resulting whey as the liquid in scones.
I did this at the weekend - the cheese was fine [add salt to taste] and the scones were beautifully light.
blessings x

Second Chance Tan said...

I know it's already on your list, but we always make scones with gone off milk - I think they taste better than with fresh milk! x

Babajeza said...

I buy the milk at my neighbour's and take just what I need (very little). It's amazing how long the milk tastes good. I haven't had gone off milk for ages. :-)

Your jugs are beautiful!!!

ALoadofOldTat said...

I am no use for the milk question but I love the pottery.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Before milk went away from our house (lactose intolerance strikes again!) I always found a use for the off milk - and it usually involved flour, sugar and eggs. :)

I had no idea that all that time I could have been spinning fibres from milk protein. Kitchen chemistry indeed.

Unknown said...

I could have done with this a couple of days ago as my milk had gone over so I chucked it. Didn't realise it could still be used> Doh - Now I know.

Rachel said...

I seem to remember seeing some milk-protein knitting needles once, as well...!

Frances said...

i agree that those blue and white pitchers are quite lovely.

Over here in this NYC apartment, I am very good at timing my purchase/usage of milk, so really never have much that is past That Date.

All the same, I love all your suggestions, and will surely return hear for guidance when suddenly faced with too much milk of a certain age.

I so love your posts!

litlove said...

I had no idea! I have just been tipping milk away if it has gone off - will definitely use it for scones now. See how you enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

Decades ago I sat in a very scruffy flat in Royal York Crescent listening to a bearded poet reading his stuff. Hanging in the window was a fat ball of cheesecloth dripping into a bowl. He was straining sour milk to make cottage cheese. Life's been a little flat since then.

Pomona said...

I made cheese by accident once, when I was trying to make yogurt I think. But it was certainly with pasteurised milk - just ordinary supermarket milk, and was very tasty!

Pomona x

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