Friday 9 December 2011

Making Winter Button

Here's the Making Winter pine cone all decked out for the festive season & ready for the next bloghop which I'll be hosting on Monday 12th December. (November's bloghop is here)

If you'd like to grab the button & display it in your side bar, please do.

I know that Emma over at Silverpebble has an exciting silvery tutorial planned for next week, as has Not so Granny.

Also check out daily crafty/foodie advent countdowns over at Calico Kate & Lavender & Lovage.


Karen S Booth said...

That is SUCH a pretty button, I will ass it and a link straight away and be back with more festive posts on the 12th!

Anonymous said...

I shall look forward to wandering a Wintery Web next week, then!

Calico Kate said...

What a lovely expression Rachel 'wandering a wintery web' Love it.

I wonder if you put that pretty pine cone in to the fire along with the scented ones will the glitter spark and burn like a mini firework? Might have to try that!

Re your card comment - I have to make them before I can write them! I like the making but not the writing tho I do get B to do the envelopes!

Thank you for the link :)

grace said...

Sounds very exciting, not sure I am clever enough to "grab a button" but will be following all these lovely Winter posts with much interest....I LOVE your fairy fire!

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