Friday 23 December 2011

Urban Nativity Scene

I like crib scenes. I don't know if it's because they are 'miniature' or the fact that it's only once a year.

Seven years ago I bought my own nativity scene.

There is the family,

a shepherd and his sheep,

a choir of angels,

and three wise men (kings?) who have taken up residence near the dictionaries.

The characters may be traditional but they inhabit a multi-story urban dwelling. The angels get the penthouse suite!


Marigold Jam said...

How lovely and all just as it should be. Love the fact that the wise men are next to the dictionaries! Your reading tastes seem to be rather like mine too from the books on your shelves. Happy Christmas!

Angela said...

Oh yes- what a glorious way to arrange your nativity scene. Magi by dictionaries, shepherds by cookbooks [not sure about Joseph standing next to 'how clean is your house?' though - Kim and Aggie would have been horrified by the stable!!]
But a great reminder that Christmas is about God WITH Us - He comes to where we are and is right beside us in the thick of our daily grind,

Christmas blessings - thanks for a great blog [always, not just today!]

Angela said...

PS I shall be blogging about cribs [inc this one] on Christmas Eve!

I love Sue's idea of moving Magi closer as Epiphany approaches

Frances said...

I love the idea of having bookshelves be a part of the festivities. (I do that myself!)

Happy Christmas.

Annie Cholewa said...

It's lovely, and the placings on the bookcase just perfect.

Calico Kate said...

What a lovely set, I particularly like the sheep!
Our Church gradually move the Magi up the church throughout advent.

Mrs. Micawber said...

How fun to have them on the bookcase. I love the angels on high and the wise men by the reference works.

A merry Christmas to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

I love these rituals and those are rather splendid, rather serious looking kings.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!

When I was a little girl we made a crib using my dolls... Improvisation, you see!

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I love cribs too. The best we ever had was made when the children were small out of a sort of baked and painted play dough. It lasted about five years until it gently mouldered away. Love your magi. They are perfect.

Anonymous said...

I had to smile...the Penthouse Suite! Very appropriate.

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